About us

Elimisha Tutors is an online marketplace that matches nearby accredited tutors with students in need of individualized academic attention for both core subjects and niche skills.


The Problem

Students are not able to receive individualised attention


large class sizes

Class sizes average 40 students. Making it difficult for teachers to give individualized attention.

Poor performance

Students who fail national exams are not able to continue with their studies. Low rate of transition from one level to the other.

Low tutor standards

Teachers in the public system rarely terminated for poor performance. Absenteeism is a common problem.

Arbitrary pricing

Freelance tutoring exists but pricing is not transparent and varies widely from one provider to the next.

No feedback

There is no feedback mechanism between freelance teachers and their students.

The Solution

Elimisha App


Tutors close to the students

Elimisha connects students with tutors close to them who have matching skills.

Standardized pricing

Curriculum subject are charged $6 and niche subjects at $10 an hour.

verifiable credentials

We conduct rigorous background checks on every tutor to ensure that we only work with professionally certified tutors.

Feedback mechanism

Students can rate the tutor and give additional feedback after an experience with a tutor. This feedback is visible to a tutor.