Safety Policy


While the student remains in control of selecting and engaging any particular tutor, Elimisha Tutors has taken various steps to ensure that a tutor is trustworthy and a student is safe.

Our safety steps

Screening of Tutors

Every tutor that signs up with Elimisha Tutors must provide the following:

        (a) A copy of a national identity card or passport, if applicable,

        (b) The tutor’s name, surname, gender and date of birth and phone number.

        (c)  Successful completion of a phone or in-person interview with Elimisha Tutors.

        (d) Proof of address and education and professional qualifications.

Acceptance of Elimisha Tutors’ Terms.

Our tutors are screened and we conduct thorough background checks to ensure that any potential safety loopholes are minimized as much as possible.

Lesson selection process

Where a student requests a tutor through the web application, the tutor will only see the student’s name, location and tutoring request. The student’s contact details are only conveyed to the tutor once the tutor has accepted the student’s request.

The site has filters to ensure that tutors are paired with students of the same gender. This is not always the case and choice of tutor is at the complete discretion of the student.

Post first Tutor-Student lesson

Elimisha Tutors will contact the student and tutor to ensure the lesson was relevant and met the standards expected.

An internal rating tool allows students to rate their tutors and provide reviews that could benefit the tutors for future engagement with other students.

If a student is unhappy with a tutor, or vice versa, Elimisha Tutors will endeavour to replace the tutor, failing which future lessons will be cancelled and where appropriate a refund provided.


While a tutor’s acceptance or rejection of a tutor request is under the control of the tutor, Elimisha Tutors has taken deliberate steps to ensure that a student can be trusted  and a tutor is safe.


Screening of Students

All students registering with Elimisha Tutors need to provide:

         (a) Their name, location and contacts.

         (b) Acceptance of Elimisha Tutors’ terms and conditions.

         (c) Upfront payment.


Tutoring acceptance process

The acceptance of a student is under complete control of the tutor. Elimisha Tutors has various processes in place to ensure that the acceptance process builds trust in the Elimisha Tutors community. The processes include:

         (a) A tutor’s contact details are only conveyed to the student once the Tutor has accepted the student’s request.

         (b) Only a tutor’s name, location, availability, reviews and subject qualification will be displayed on the site.

         (c) Tutors may request Elimisha Tutors representative to attend the first lesson and introduce the Student to their tutor.

         (d) Where a student has had a previous lesson with a different tutor, the in-coming tutor can review student review and decide to accept or reject the request.

Post first Tutor- Student lesson

Elimisha Tutors will contact the student and tutor to ensure the lesson was relevant and met the standards expected.

Elimisha Tutors will request the tutor to provide a review of the student.



Review student feedback

A tutor can work towards a 5-star rating by applying themselves diligently to their work and attracting positive reviews from their students. These reviews can be viewed by the public and specifically by the student when going through the process of tutor selection.

 Meet in public

Our tutor session facilitation can occur in three different locations: the tutor’s preferred venue, the student’s location or a public place.

Where a tutoring session is scheduled to take place at a public place, we advise students to tell someone in their family or a friend where they are going and expected return time.

Have an adult present

An adult should always be present for tutoring sessions if the student is under the age of eighteen.


Keep personal information private

Never include your last name, home address, phone number, place of work, or any other identifying information in initial e-mail messages or communications.


DO NOT continue any further communication with anyone who pressures you for personal or financial information or attempts in any way to trick you into revealing it.